A Millenial as a Senior Specialist?  Aren’t they mutually exclusive?

My answer is NO!

As a young girl, I watched my beloved Grandmother take care of her ailing parents; my Great-Grandparents.  Our family was close-knit and it was a painful thing to watch, but simultaneously beautiful and transformative.

My Granny remodeled her own home to accommodate my Great-Grandparents when Alzheimer’s, heart disease and dementia overwhelmed them.  Now we call it Aging In Place, but back then it didn’t yet have a name.

Nana, my Great-Grandmother, ran away from home on occasion as her Dementia worsened.  On the last great escape, she was found eating a hamburger at her favorite restaurant (ahh the simple pleasures)!  She was unharmed, but it was an excruciating few hours and following her safe return home, my Grandmother made the decision to put her into a specialized Memory Care Unit.  I accompanied her on many visits there and learned first hand the pain that comes when your loved one no longer remembers who you are or why you’re there.

This experience left a lasting impression on me, rather, it changed me completely.  I have strong compassion for anyone going through this (or a similar) experience and because of that, I am proactively trying to spread awareness of aging-in-place and proper preparation for living longer than we ever have before.  

I take pride in providing my clients with the best resources and sensitive customer service for buying, selling, moving or remodeling to accommodate varying needs.  It would be my honor to help you, too.