I am giving a talk at the Claremont Joslyn Senior Center this week all about Aging In Place, which should really be called Thriving In Place!  In honor of this topic, I wanted to post here my Top Ten Tips for Aging In Place- easy things you can do this weekend to be better prepared for your aging family member or maybe even yourself!


Aging in place is a term that refers to seniors staying in their home as they age, for as long as possible.  For example, rather than moving into a nursing home as soon as navigating stairs becomes difficult, we can get a stair glide and extra lighting to help.  This is true for so many other issues that come up- it only takes some planning and a little bit of work to solve most of the issues at home.

The top ten easy modifications to make for Aging In Place are as follows:

  1.  Re-organize rooms so commonly used items are more accessible.  Remove rugs and other low-to-the-ground items
  2. Add extra lighting, especially motion sensor lights in hallways

  3. Install Bathroom Grab Bars

  4. Install seating in shower

  5. Install handheld shower head

  6. Use an elevated toilet seat

  7. Add traction strips to bathroom floor and steps
  8. Replace door handles with levered ones

  9. Install offset hinges on doors to widen openings

  10. Setup Amazon Alexa or other digital assistant to help with medication reminders, combined with smart outlets to turn off lights or adjust a smart thermostat


If you want more details on how or why to make these modifications to your home, please contact me!  I would be happy to assist you!